And there was light…

Well, almost…

A couple bumps in the road along the way.  First I never bothered to measure how long the light fixture was, I just thought it would fit on my craft table.  Guess what?  It’s too long.  Good thing I had an extra PVC pipe!

So after pulling the craft table out and finding the longer one out in the garage (that overhangs the doorway about 6 inches) I have my grow light stand.


Very simple to do.  I used 3/4” PVC.  Just measure how big your light fixture and table are to figure how much you will use.  You also need 2 “T” joints and 2 elbows.  Mine stands about 30” tall.  I need to get some more chain as it’s not quite long enough and I want to get some rubber stoppers to put on the leg ends so they are more level because of the “T”.  Then I need to get two light bulbs, one hot and one cool and my grow light will be good to go (just don’t use that doorway for a while).  Winking smile

Until next time – Happy Gardening!  Sun


About Garden Grower

A wife and mother of 5 who enjoys getting her hands dirty in the garden.
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One Response to And there was light…

  1. Tammy says:

    It looks great! I just need to figure out where to build ours, Hmm…. Thanks for sharing:-)

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