It Is Finished…

My office that is!  I finally took a couple days to get my office re-organized so I can use my craft table to start my seedlings on in a few weeks.  It didn’t take as long as I expected, only a little over a day.  I wanted to take pictures to show you but alas my camera is giving me fits.  Crying face

The craft table will house my light fixture held up by PVC pipe, then I have a card table next to the window for plants that won’t need the light.  My next project will be making the PVC frame but that will have to wait a couple weeks. 

I think I’m going to mix my own potting soil.  I was reading a good mixture is 25% Vermiculite, 25% Peat Moss and 50% Organic Potting Soil.  Need to get out and do some pricing to see where the best place to get these would be.  I also think I am going to get some aluminum pans with clear plastic lids to start my seedlings in.  You can find them at most dollar stores – usually two or three for a buck.   Make some slits in the bottom for drainage, fill with your soil, plant the seeds, water well, then put the plastic lid on until they sprout.  Once they are a bit bigger you can transplant them into other containers. 

If I’m able, I want to make some PVC frames, cover with plastic and put them over my raised beds as soon as the snow is gone then do a trial, plant some seeds directly in the bed once it warms up a bit and compare the results to the seeds I start inside.  Will be interesting to see which do better – if there is even a difference.  I have read pros and cons to both ways. 

Last but not least, my final pot of herbs, the sweet basil, have made their appearance so all 5 pots are doing well.  I plan to start the remaining seeds to put in my outside herb garden.  Oh, did you know you can use the water from your fish tank to water your plants?  My daughter thought I was a little odd when I told her she couldn’t dump the water down the drain anymore from her little fish bowl.  Here are some more ideas for homemade fertilizers.

Until next time…Happy Gardening!  Camera



About Garden Grower

A wife and mother of 5 who enjoys getting her hands dirty in the garden.
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