For Beginners (and those of us who still have much to learn)

It amazes me how much information is out there about gardening, and how many different ways there are to do it.  You have to find what will work for your situation and try it out.  If it doesn’t work this year, try something new for next year (or try several different methods at once if you have the space). 

I have been reading a great website called The Weekend Gardener and they have a couple excellent tutorials on How To Start A Vegetable Garden.  They go through several different ways on how to set up your bed and put in your seeds and plants (did you know you should plant your tomatoes on their sides?).

Another fun website I have been playing around with is Kitchen Garden Planner.  You can plan out your own garden or try one of their designs.  I think I’ve redesigned my garden spaces a couple times already and I’m sure I’ll do it more before spring actually gets here.  Chances are my actual planting won’t be anything like my plans!  Laughing out loud

Until next time – Happy Garden Reading!  School


About Garden Grower

A wife and mother of 5 who enjoys getting her hands dirty in the garden.
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4 Responses to For Beginners (and those of us who still have much to learn)

  1. katie says:

    Headed to barnes and noble tonight for a beginner gardening book. Is there one you recommend?

  2. katie says:

    Thanks! I didn’t miss your comment, but they didn’t have it in stock. I’m travelling so I got one called the kitchen garden. Seemed to have lots of pictures which is good. 🙂 Will check out my barnes and noble when I get back home.

    • Garden Grower says:

      Haven’t seen that one but I’m sure it will be fine. Most of the books have the same basic info, just some little quirks on doing one thing or another a little differently. Enjoy your reading!

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