Mom Has Lost It…

Last night while watching tv with the family I revealed my plans to get a rabbit and maybe raise worms – both for the benefit of my gardens.  My 21 year old daughter said I need to get two rabbits so she can take one with her when she gets married and my 14 year old son rolls his eyes Eye rolling smile and says “Mom has lost it!”.  Such a nice son!

Seriously though, I’m really thinking about doing this.  I was already planning to get a few chickens for eggs.  My friend who is my inspiration for this has several rabbits and her garden last year was amazing.  Her corn plants were HUGE.  She didn’t have enough rabbit manure so she made a manure tea to water the plants with.  I was in garden envy after seeing that corn. So we are waiting for her bunny’s to have babies then we will get two.  I’m going to put some kind of container under their cages to catch their “poo” and add it to my compost pile or gardens.

Another friend of mine gave me this great link on raising red worms and it seems simple enough.  I can put them in the basement in a plastic tub and add all our kitchen scraps too.  The nice thing about worm castings is they can go directly into your garden and provide wonderful help to your soil.  Figure my son can even sell the worms once they start reproducing (yes – this would be the 14yo who was rolling his eyes at me).  He knows plenty of guys at church who enjoy fishing.

Has mom lost it?  Maybe, but when they reap the rewards of the harvest, I don’t think they will be complaining too much!

Until next time – Happy Gardening!  Bunny


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A wife and mother of 5 who enjoys getting her hands dirty in the garden.
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2 Responses to Mom Has Lost It…

  1. Jennifer says:


    We tried Vermicomposting a few years ago and were amazed at how fast our redworms multiplied. We checked a book out from the library called “Worms Eat My Garbage” and did quite a bit of research on the internet too. The only issue I had with it was fruitflies. I was keeping my worm bed upstairs so they really bothered me, but am planning on trying this again and keeping the worm bed in the basement.

    I’m anxious to compare notes with you on how vermicomposting works for you!

    • Garden Grower says:

      That’s very cool Jennifer. Mine will go in the basement (as long as I don’t forget about it). I read some comments about how to avoid the fruit flies but I forget what they were at the moment. Definitely will have to compare notes. 🙂

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