Green House?

One of my dreams is to extend my NY growing season by getting a small greenhouse.  I’ve been searching the internet this morning for some plans.  They would need to be simple as I’m not a carpenter by any means and neither is my hubby.  A pvc one would be great as long as I can anchor it down from the winds we tend to get.

Here are plans to one I found that I might give a try building;  PVC Green House I think I will print off the materials list and stick it in my purse and start picking up the pieces when I have a little extra money.  With any luck by late winter I’ll have everything I need.  Will keep you posted.

Do any of you have a green house?  Last year I did some winter sown seeds as suggested on  That wasn’t too bad and I will try it again this year if I don’t get my greenhouse built.  Here are what mine looked like;


Most of my seeds did really well this way.  A few did not start but over all I was happy.  The nice thing about doing it this way is you can start your pots really early then when it warms up enough they will sprout.  We still had snow on the ground when I put my pots out last year.

I also have used an indoor light hut that we built easily with a large cardboard box lined with aluminum foil and a light bulb placed in the top.  Here is a link to something like what we made.  We found the directions for this in my children’s science book.  My problem with this method is space and where to put the plants once they have started.  I do have a table this year (if I can find a place to put the junk that is on it) that I can use.  I want to make a stand to attach a florescent light to then cover it with plastic if my green house plans fall through (or in addition to).  My friend did something like this last year and it worked really well for her.

I think today I need to get my garden journal started.  Terrior Seeds has one you can print off – scroll down their home page a little and you will see the link on the right side.  I’ve already printed mine off but have to go find it on my desk.  Surprised smile

Until next time – happy gardening!


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A wife and mother of 5 who enjoys getting her hands dirty in the garden.
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4 Responses to Green House?

  1. Nina says:

    Hey.. I have seen those PVC plans. My thought was you can buy plastic clips that would anchor thick plastic sheeting to the pvc tubes. I beleive they have them in the back of the territorial catalog or another gardening catalog. As far as anchoring, you could bolt the bottom pvc pieces to boards that could be weighted with bricks. I would reccomend glueing some of the joints so help it not pull apart in the wind.

    TOOTLES- Impressed with your blog…
    Your friend!

  2. Pamela says:

    I didn’t need to see the website where your greenhouse plans come from! I like the coldframe and row covers. We actually have all the makings for a commercial greenhouse – one hoophouse about 18 feet wide by 24-30 feet long. We just don’t have space for it on our 50×150 lot. We’re not getting rid of it, though!

    • Garden Grower says:

      Ah Pamela, would LOVE to have that greenhouse. What would it be covered with? If I don’t get an actual green house made I do want to do something similar to what you have pictured on FB. I tried throwing something together last year that worked somewhat but it was piecemeal. I’ll get some better materials for this year.

  3. Pamela says:

    It’s covered with commercial grade clear plastic film – we have a roll of that, too. It was all given to Mario one year when he worked at a wholesale nursery. For some reason they didn’t need this one particular hoophouse and gave it to him.

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